Did Keith Richards Invent Kraut Rock?

Don”t feel much like blogging these days since in that never ending game of bumper cars played by those of us who travel around NYC on bicycle against those in SUV’s (who are always looking at their blackberries or Iphone and not the road), flesh and bone is sure to be the loser. Hence, my right hand has been in a hard cast and the rest of my body is awfully sore from the SUV the ran into me at 30 MPH at the intersection of 10th and B. last week. But since the Stones are out there promoting the re-issue of Exile On Mainstreet (originally released the day I turned a teenager, May 23, 1972), I thought I’d post this peculiar clip of Keith exploring Krautrock territory before the Krauts themselves got around to it. I’ll be back soon as I can type with both hands…..
Never saw this one before.

Thanks to Donna Lethal for sending the clip and Brendan O’Reilly for the BBC4 Kraut Rock documentry (and the Scott Walker, Hank Williams, etc. stuff). Ich fange an, die Deutsch klingt.

27 thoughts on “Did Keith Richards Invent Kraut Rock?”

  1. Wonder if that's the same Moog Mick fucked around with for the Performance soundtrack.Hound, that sucks out loud. a speedy recovery is much deserved.

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident Hound, it's a rough town to bike in.That idiot commenting on your last post obviously didn't understand your reference to the Spahn Ranch, the dark side of any happy-go-lucky ofays.Might have been the same moron who berated me because a Texas band photo from '65 had a Confederate flag in it!

  3. Ah. Well, the last time I rented Performance on DVD, the bonus materials included some footage similar to this: Mick plugging and unplugging those cables like Ernestine the switchboard operator while a '60s-sounding BBC-ish voiceover intones reverently about the master sound-sculptor fleshing out his conception from musical tones like bits of clay, which is sort of comical because he doesn't look like he really has much idea what he's doing. Maybe it was intended for Performance but given to Anger instead?

  4. Back in February I slipped on an icy sidewalk the day after our first major snowstorm of the season and broke my right wrist, so I feel your pain (literally). Learning to negotiate daily activities lacking one's dominant hand is a hassle, but you'll adapt.Right now, two months out of the cast, I'm still doing physical therapy, working at regaining strength in the hand and range of motion in the wrist. Apparently, it's typical to assume it can take up to possibly a year or nearly so to regain all or as much of one's normal hand function as one can expect to recover.Good health to you!

  5. “Ah. Well, the last time I rented Performance on DVD, the bonus materials included some footage similar to this…”I actually never got around to watching the bonus footage even though I've had the dvd for a few years now. He is seen playing one in Performance. I'm pretty sure the Anger soundtrack was done especially for Anger since he was close to the band and especially Anita and Marrianne for a couple of years. Mick is seen in the Anger movie as himself.

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry – I thought us LAers were the only ones subject to SUV madness.There's a clip of Mick in that too if you check the poster's others. The filmmaker, Mario Schifano, was a pre-Stones boyfriend of Anita Pallenberg's, then Marianne Faithfull's as well (!), but she left him and went back to Mick although they broke up for good shortly afterward. I bet he has some stories.

  7. Dear Hound,Get Well soon ! Man, if it was me, a broken wrist would be the end of my love-life.We'll miss your postings but please take care of yourself and hopefully you'll be back and feeling better soon.

  8. Hope you're feeling better soon. Growing up in NYC, we were never allowed to have bikes. It would better, I think, to never allow SUVs.Jon

  9. sorry to hear about your bout with the traffic. i was a long time bike commuter/racer in Seattle and have had my share bounces, fuck words and crashes caused by the four wheel crowd. keep the faith, brother!

  10. Now just remember at your age you don't have the same agility you once had when you were younger.Get well soon, i wanna see more incorrect posts on your blog.Bike Messenger Bob

  11. I hope you have a quick recovery. I am really sick of idiots who can barely drive to begin decide it is ok to navigate traffic while yapping on a cell phone or texting.

  12. Shit. Sorry about the injuries. I'm a cycling too and know what you're dealin' with. Recover well. The blog is excellent. Will look fwd to it whenever you can muster.

  13. Sorry to hear about your spill. Don't get me started on a-holes who drive like cyclists are invisible. (They're everywhere I've ever been, not just NYC.)Get well soon, and meanwhile please consider one-handed blogging for a while.

  14. “I broke my foot last year & the damn thing still ain't right.”I tore a tendon in my foot five years ago and it took almost three years to heal, getting old isn't as much fun as I thought it would be….I think all my connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc.) is falling apart…evidently a common occurrence in those of us w/ hep c.

  15. ” Is the footage in the Keith footage from Anger's film? “No, from an Italian documentary made by Mario Schifano, one of Anita's ex-boyfriends called Umano Non Umanostarring film critic Adriano Apra w/cameos by Keith, Mick, Anita and the great writer Alberto Moravia. Credits can be found here:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0214236/

  16. Visionary! Wasn't it pretty much de rigueur to be dicking around with ze synths at that time and place? Well, OK…ze synths and smack…

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