Gillian’s Found Photo #46

I’m at a loss as to any information as to the who, where and when of this photo. Perhaps Dad is showing off his latest invention in poop proof kid pants? The same style of trousers would later be sported on the rock stage first by David Lee Roth in the eighties, and then by Marilyn Manson in the nineties, not to mention Howard Stern’s Fartman appearance on various award shows. Anyone out there have a clue as to what manner of people we have here? My first guess is somewhere in Mexico, but if you told me it was from Malaysia I wouldn’t argue. Where/whatever is going on here, it’s a great photo.

4 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #46”

  1. Hound: Someone's trying to kill my blog. Watch out,it's someone either with an issue with me personally,or it's the DMCA complaint dept. of losers trying to take down blogs/music/etc. But I won't be gone long,if they ruin it. Mojo Repair Shop

  2. “or it's the DMCA complaint dept. “I'm not even sure what the DMCA complaint dept. is…my guess it's somebody w/a financial interest in Arc music or Universal….

  3. Good lord (I mean, to the photo.) What is DMCA? Considering what facebook is up to lately, I'm not surprised at anything, but there's ways around it. Good luck and keep going.


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