Gillian’s Found Photo #34

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We’re still away (in sunny F-L-A, where it’s actually pretty cold) but took the time to scan Fang’s latest found photo before we left. I’m even not sure if it’s a man or a woman, but I am sure that it’s wearing a wig on its head. I’m leaning toward thinking it’s a woman, or else the prototype for Flip Wilson’s Geraldine character (whom I believe was the first black drag queen on prime time TV, boy, the Flip Wilson Show was great; funny, and with excellent musical guests, why doesn’t BET re-run it?).

That’s getting off the track, as I’m apt to do, but this gal is almost like the black equivalent of the glam rock queen in last week’s found photo. Long live the orange, crushed velour mini-dress! Notice the Christmas gifts in the right corner…. I wonder what s/he got?
BTW: Best WTF moment during this years holiday TV watching had to be the “Bootie bump” panties ad that we saw four or five times during a 2Pac documentary!

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  1. THE FLIP WILSON SHOW was really good. I know TV Land was rerunning it about six years ago, but I don't know about now. Not all the humor has stood the test of time, but you gotta give it up for a man perverse enuff to feature Slim Gaillard, Sha Na Na and Burl Ives on the same episode (1970). Like my friend Ken sez, you know each act was looking at the other in the dressing rooms and going, “what are YOU doing here?”

  2. I love her. Him. Wig. I love the black and blonde thing. When I was a kid, my dad's copy of Mary Wells' Greatest Hits with her in a blonde wig had a big effect on me.Hey if that IS Marla Gibbs, you've now got Marla and Demond Wilson.

  3. “Hey if that IS Marla Gibbs, you've now got Marla and Demond Wilson.”As one reader pointed out,the Demond Wilson look alike was jazz great Benny Golson (G's FP #29, Dec. 3, 2009). I'll try and dig out some pix of Marla Gibbs for comparison when I get back to NYC next week….


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