Gillian’s Found Photo #30

The Fang’s come up with another doozie this week. This photo, according to the scrawl on the back, was taken in Chicago in 1950 at what the photographer described as a “Union Boss Party”. If the guy with the squeezebox looks familiar, then the FBI would like to have a word with you, that’s right, it’s Jimmy Hoffa and he seems to be showing those Chicago Pollacks just how an Irishman would interpret the Polka. Strangely enough, the accordion went missing shortly after the photo was taken and hasn’t been seen since.

2 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #30”

  1. I get the feeling that that even if you could track down the attendees of this soiree' that absolutely none of them would talk about the “party”, or especially Jimmy's accordian prowess, without having their lawyer present. Is it wrong to think that perhaps Jimmy is improvising on the lyrics of the good ole' Beer Barrel Polka ? :”Roll out the 55 gallon drum . . .That's where I'm gonna end up . . . ” Happy Holidays to the Hound and Miz Gillian !


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