Gillian’s Found Photo #29

One reader has identified this guy as jazz great Benny Golson who played with Bullmoose Jackson in the early 50’s.

No, that’s not Bullmoose Jackson, beloved r&b hitmaker of such bodacious classics as Big Ten Inch Record (King), I Want A Bowlegged Woman (King) and Get Off The Table, Mabel– That Two Dollars Is For The Beer (Bogus). Maybe it’s his road manager? Chauffeur? Valet? Bass player? Can anyone identify this dapper, pipe smoking, gent posing in front of Bullmoose Jackson’s equipment hauling wagon? He bears a certain resemblance to actor Demond Wilson who played Lamont on the TV show Sanford & Son. Whoever it is, it’s a great photo, thanks Fang.

4 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #29”

  1. the sax player? are you sure? I knew he had been in Jackson's band (in fact, he was in the group the same time as Tad Dameron played piano w/Bullmoose). Thanks for identifying the photo.


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