Shindig ’66

This was sent in by a reader purporting to be Larry Williams, actually it’s Billy Preston, thanks for those who wrote in w/the correction. Notice the Byrds stage right (David Crosby w/cape covering his girth). Still, it’s pretty cool even if it ain’t rock’n’roll’s favorite pimp….
Been sick, and traveling so pardon the lack of writing lately, I’ll get back to it soon as I recharge my batteries a bit….

12 thoughts on “Shindig ’66”

  1. Hey there, then there, now. What is all this? Somefink tells me this ain't Larry but tis Billy Preston, m'Lud.I fink we should be told.

  2. Hmmm, I'm not so sure, at the time Billy Preston was around 14 years old (see photos of him in Little Richard's band 'circa '63), they do both have the gap I their teeth but I think it's Larry Williams. Anyway, can somebody ask Billy Preston? I know he's still around…..

  3. “I Don't think i've ever seen any footage of Larry Williams. Anyone?”I never have, but I remember Quine telling me he was the only person he ever saw on Bandstand that played live and was incredible. btw drop me an e-mail Rob, I have a question….

  4. I THOUGHT that was the Byrds. No mistakin' the Crosby Cape, and for some reason, you can always pick out Gene Clark's hand-clapping a mile away. Billy Preston or Larry Williams, I'd rather see the Byrds in this context than in that sopored-out trainwreck of a performance in THE BIG TNT SHOW!

  5. “Uh, didn't Billy Preston check out a few years ago, in 2006?”You're right! It missed my radar, the last thing I remember was when he got busted for on a kid sex charge in the late 90's. I remember he was desperate for cash and tried to sell the writing half of his song publishing to Rondor Music, instead Jerry Moss, one of the few true gentleman in the biz, just lent (or maybe gave) him the money since he considered buying the writer's share of a song unscrupulous.

  6. Good Christ!I want to dance like that.It's BP, he had the same mop in an Olypmics clip of “Good Lovin'” (playing piano).Oh, man, moving to a 2nd mic. So cool!

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