Gillian’s Found Photos #24

The Fang’s come up with an interesting phound foto this week. Is it a bachelorette party?
The wallflower section at a house party? These gals have some Atlantic soul 45’s on the table and their hair all done up, they’re ready to go, what do you think they’re doing?
I may not be doing many updates in the next few weeks due to a big computer crash (actually, an attack by a Snow Leopard which mangled my hard drive). I’ll be busy trying to recover things from various back up (I triple backed up, and still lost a lot of crap), but since it’s almost a year
since I started this blog and have been fairly diligent about updating 13-15 times a month a think I’ve earned a bit of a breather.

9 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photos #24”

  1. Mr. Hound – Another great found photo – my wife collects the same thing, mostly finding them in old books. My computer was just wiped out this afternoon by some downloaded menace. The only thing I'd downloaded was an update to i-tunes. Did you update recently?Your blog is required reading. Thanks so much for doing it.

  2. You the MAN Hound. Good luck with the computer. We'll all be looking forward to your stories and photos. BEST BLOG OUT THERE!!!!

  3. What's in the purses? Man,the ladies all carry lipstick,money,phone numbers,and powder so we don't get shiny noses. What I don't get is the giant cement colored coffee table,just how many kids lost valuable brain material by hitting that on the edge? Ouch!


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