Gillian’s Found Photo #21

Not exactly a found photo this week, more like a donated pic we just love. The photographer is the famed Kate Simon, and the subject is the spawn of U.K. glam rock

Alvin Stardust, about whom I know almost nothing and don’t think I’ve ever heard, except for when he was Shane Fenton and make a record called I’m A Moody Guy which wasn’t half bad, still isn’t. Anyway, there’s something truly off about this little duffer. I wonder what he’s doing these days?

5 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #21”

  1. Are you sure that's Alvin Stardust? He was born in 1942 so this would have to be early '50s at the latest and the haircut and clothing styles look much more like 1970's to me.

  2. Somehow in the early 80's a music show called “Let's Rock” from Englandmade it over here(US)that wasn't half bad. It played straight 50's RnR. I recall Alvin Stardust on the show with Shakin' Stevens, Lulu,Freddie “Fingers” Lee and a guy that looked like Lurch among others. How it got to these shores I haven't a clue.Kevan A


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