Gillian’s Found Photo #19

It’s that ape again! See Gillian’s Found Photo #3 (March 9, 2009) for the original appearance
of Zip in the pages of the Houndblog. Zip, according to Red Boy was a character on the Howdy Doody television show, of which I have few memories of (born in ’59, I only remember Howdy himself and Clarabelle). Anyway, the two non-simeon’s look like they just stepped out of a late 40’s road noir like They Live By Night or Gun Crazy (recently retitled Deadly Is The Female for Lord knows what reason, why change the title of a movie sixty years later?). Then again, the guy looks a bit like Boston cult leader/record collector/musician Mel Lyman , but I don’t think it’s him. What do you think is in her cup? My guess is a coffee/Benzedrine combination.

8 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #19”

  1. This is not Hunter S.Thompson?Not sure who the damsel is, but Iagree some crazy drugs are in the cup that they share.


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