Gillian’s Found Photo #15

This week’s found photo from the Fang dates to May, 1957. The fellow’s name was Larry Boyter, maybe it still is. I’ve never heard of him, he doesn’t seem to had any records released, at least none I can find listed anywhere. Place unknown but it seems to be a place where every day is Sears day. Larry certainly seems to have caught Elvis fever– the pegged pants, upturned collar, sideburns, guitar hanging by the strap (which is attached at the top of the neck, just like Elvis wore it), this cat is gone! Anybody know anything about him? What song do you think he’s singing? My guess is Shake, Rattle and Roll.

11 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #15”

  1. Wow!I wonder if this is how Bobby Fuller sort of looked when he was selling guitars in '62. Bobby got the break, this guy didn't.PJL

  2. theres no band behind him, so im assuming he's lipsynching to a record (like they used to do at record hops back then…good enough for high school gyms, good enough for Sears)JP


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