Gillian’s Found Photo #11

After a week off the Fang is back with a real doozie from her archives. We just can’t seem to stay off the subject of cheap wine here at the Houndblog, my apologies to anyone who arrived here via the link on Eric Asimov’s The Pour blog over at the NY Times. If you missed out on the discussion of Thunderbird wine and its significance in music see the April 17th posting.
   These young slicks not only drink the swill, they seem to have based a religion around it. The fellow holding the bottle sure looks like he sees the light. What do you think the other two are looking at?

6 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #11”

  1. They’re about to share it with the Aliens landing in front of them. And Booker T. is somewhere in the background playing those five notes from “Close Encounters”. As soon as the first Alien takes a sip it segues into Time is Tight. The Aliens gave Al Jackson Jr. a hat and the 70s were born. There’s footage here – – you can see the lights from spaceship above Duck Dunn. For some reason CCR is there too.

  2. “For some reason CCR is there too.”I remember seeing that CCR documentary on TV around ’71. CCR are there to get Doug Clifford’s beard back from Steve Cropper who stole it at gunpoint. In the ensuing rumble Al Jackson Jr. gets killed. Then they wrote It Came Out Of The Sky. Then Saul Zaentz as Darth Vader ends up owning both their catalogs, with publishing.


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