Gillian’s Found Photo #8

Gee, but this is a fucked up photo, I’m not even sure what to say. The thing on the left, near the rear seems to have wandered in from a Diane Arbus shoot somewhere in the neighborhood, the lady with the balloons, lord only knows, the sad ass queen on the right, probably a bank president. My guess it this was taken in New Orleans, Lundi Gras night (the night before Fat Tuesday when the all the most decedent balls are happening). I can remember coming into my own joint at six a.m. and finding some of the ugliest and most vile human couplings imaginable, right there in the bar, post- AIDS. Of course, this could just as well have be in New York, Wichita, or Gila Bend, Arizona. Anyone wanna guess?

4 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #8”

  1. Wine and vermouth is the drink of choice, so they are some quality drunks to be sure. Also I would hate to see what was under those balloons if they were popped. Queenie kind of looks like my dad, loser that he is.

  2. Maybe an underground after AFTER party at the “Some Like It Hot” world premier… ?Absolutely DIG your blog. Such a wealth of information for those of us seeking a better appreciation for the kind of music you show case. Thank you for the preview Mp3's as well…r in Florida


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