Gillians Found Photo #7

This week’s found photo– date and place unknown. It’s a Polaroid, faded to a lovely jaundice. I like the way the fellow on the right is cuddling his bottle like it’s a baby. Can anyone tell what type of hootch it is? His eyes come right out of a Wynonie Harris song (“your eyes look like two cherries/in a glass of buttermilk”). His breath seems to seep right through time, you can almost smell the booze breathe. The child in pigtails seems like she’s knows something that the adults will never figure out. She’s almost haunting. Where and when is this is from? What are they celebrating? It’s any one’s guess.

10 thoughts on “Gillians Found Photo #7”

  1. There’s a strong chance it’s Canadian Club. Naturally, the label’s different nowadays. The banded gold top and the lozenge shape on the top of the label, which might read “Imported”, plus the over all white background look like the old Canadian Club. Or it’s the cheapest off-brand rotgut imaginable.

  2. I’m going CC as well, I believe I’ve seen that exact bottle with a big handle on the back many times in my uncle Duncan’s club house, or as we called it, the garage. Canada’s greatest contribution would be Stompin Tom Connors, or Gillian.Looks like a good time no matter the event.


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