Jane Birkin

I completely spaced off Jane Birkin’s birthday, Dec. 14. (1946). Well, a belated happy birthday to one of my favorite females. I posted a bit about her back in September so I won’ t repeat myself. This is more of an excuse to run more photos of her. While I’m at it I might as well post her only U.S. hit record, recorded with her ex-husband Serge Gainsborough. Je t’aime moi non plus.
They also made a movie of the same name together, the above photo of her with Warhol superstar Little Joe Dallesandro is from that very peculiar flick. That’s Serge himself directing the action. I can just imagine it. “Plus profond! Harder! Jusqu’à l’arrière“!
Speaking of Serge those bottom pix are of his grave, somebody leaves a fresh pack of Gitanes on it every day. I’ve witnessed it. Serge’s music is an acquired taste if you’re not French but I do remember being a bit shocked by hearing this on the radio constantly on my first trip to France in the early 80’s– SS In Uruguay features reggae rhythm section Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare among other top notch Kingston session men. He also cut a duet with his daughter, the actress Charlotte Gainsborough called Lemon Incest. I think you can find the video for that one on Youtube. Anyway, if you’re too lazy to look up the September posting, Jane Birkin’s entire filmography can be found here.

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  1. thanks….no pix I’ve never seen before but the rest of you might want to check them out, there’s a few of my favorites there.I’ve always wanted to do a photo book on Jane but something tells me the publishing biz is headed the way of the record biz (because it was bought by the same lunkheads who ran both into the ground).


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