Photos From The Hound Archives pt. 1 (ie filler day)

Not inspired to write much today but I did want to post these pix.
The top photo of course is Brigitte Bardot, it’s just there to grab your attention and because I like the photo.
The second from the top is another photo of Vince Taylor (see entry below), what’s interesting is that the guy with the bass on the right is Stanislas “Stosh” Klossowski, son of the artist Balthus and evidently some sort of Prince, or Count, or something, as well as Keith Richards’ best pal. He’s just one of those people that always seemed to be at the right place at the right time, and I guess if you were in Paris in 1965 the place to be would have been in Vince Taylor’s backing band.
The middle photo is the dancing bear shot I promised months ago in my discussion of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. Yes, that’s the same bear that appears in the bar scene in the last pages of the book, would I lie?
The bottom photo? You tell me? Eleven ugly drag queens, six guys in black face and a Victor Bockris look alike out front. Try outs for the New York Dolls reunion is my guess….

4 thoughts on “Photos From The Hound Archives pt. 1 (ie filler day)”

  1. Hound, in the earlier Xmas Hangover Hop pictures, the girl with the “sort of” beehive – isn’t that the girl (who’s name I have forgot) who used to run the Empire State Soul Club with Warren Lee? Can you remember her name – she was from south of the Mason Dixon, mad into her soul 45s. 32 and sunny in the colonies by the way (couldn’t resist). cheers, b


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