Hound’s Quiz #1

As an addendum to yesterday’s Bill Wyman birthday post, here’s the Hound Quiz #1.

First correct answer wins my home burned CD: Cocksucker Blues (The Best Of The Un-Issued Rolling Stones 1963-1983) featuring, in my opinion the best unreleased studio outtakes and live tracks that didn’t make it onto any legit discs. Tunes include the title track, “Andrew’s Blues”, “Two Trains”, “Everybody Pays Their Dues”, “Gimme Shelter (Keith lead vocal)”, etc. Question:
Name the top 40 single on which Keith is the only Rolling Stone playing on.
Answers to NervousNorvus@aol.com.
UPDATE: Congrats to Bob Pomery, the answer is Happy. Keith plays all the guitars and bass, Jimmy Miller was on drums and Jim Price on trombone and trumpet.
Everyone else had gone home that day. Mick’s backing vocal was later dubbed on in L.A.

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