Kelly Keller and Bill Pietsch RIP

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Kelly Keller’s passing. I posted about her in August, check older posts on the right. Sunday was a year since Bill Pietsch bought it. You can read about him below. 

Just thought I’d post one  more photo. I’ve never missed anyone like I miss them…
BTW if you check out Redboy’s site (link under “stuff I read” there’s a killer Hooks Coleman 45—“Black Widow Spider”, and an amazing Clarence Walton disc– “The Cat”, both new to me, for free download.  Keep ’em comin’ Redboy…..
The photos of Kelly and Bill were taken by Robert Spencer.

3 thoughts on “Kelly Keller and Bill Pietsch RIP”

  1. hound, sorry again fer yer loss…ps. don’t tell the red boy but if went a missin’ i’d prolly miss him a lil’ bit too…he’s a pretty good egg and has mad good vinyl.dd

  2. Who’d a thunk the Devil was such a stand-up guy! I don’t care what Jesus says, you’re A-ok!Thanks for the leg up Hound. You got a shout commin’ your way.Incidentally, I got a couple of your shows on tape (Halloween 94′ and 95′)which aren’t listed on Let me know if you need copies.Later,-RB


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