Will I Ever Get It RIght?

Both the below posts are wrong as it turns out, Rex Doane’s show w/my interview is running today (8-9-08) @ 1 -3 PM, followed up by our old pal, the legendary Danny Fields who’ll be on from 3-6 PM (my old “hangover” slot).

To change the subject a bit, Iggy & The Stooges were a bit off last night but still much better than any other band out there claiming to be R&R. Best suprises were two James Williamson era tunes- Search & Destroy and I Got A Right. I’ve seen ’em three times previously since their reunionin 2004 (and once in ’74) and they hadn’t been doing any of Williamson’s tunes, just the first two LP’s and the new one (The Weirdness). Am I the only one who likes the newer tunes “Electric Chair” and “My Idea Of Fun”? They’ve become staples of the Stooges live set and I always walk away with them stuck in my head. Keep in mind nobody liked their first three LP’s until twenty years after the fact. I think time will be kind to the Weirdness.

Spit it out, partner...

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