Gillian’s Found Photo #61

Now here’s couple of stylin’ young thugs. Date and place unknown, but judging by the trousers I’d say early to mid-60’s (or as scientists like to call it, the pre-flare era).  Can anyone identify the arsenal? Don’t you want to see what the rest of this roll of photos looks like?

10 thoughts on “Gillian’s Found Photo #61”

  1. I think the photo's a bit later than mid-sixties, maybe '68. Flairs or no flairs.The handguns look to be a Colt 45 automatic and maybe an old Mauser in the shoulder holster? The other looks like it might be a western style revolver, possibly also a 45.I don't know anything about rifles.Those aren't gangsters, they're part of one of the many self-protection groups formed during that time, especially in the South. I say that because they don't look like Panther Party to me.

  2. The pistol in the holster looks more like a P-38 than Mauser or Luger. but it might be an American make. Judging by the Dolphyesque beard and the other brother's facial hair I'd think '67 or '68.

  3. Are these the same guys from Photo #59? It could be two years on, and they've overcome their holiday blues, had their consciousness raised, and it's payback time. Check it out- both rooms feature hardwood floors with gray area carpets, and the ottoman has a plastic slip cover, just like Uncle Willie's chair. I'm coveting the boss magazine rack.I'd like to see more, and here's my caption: “What do you mean, people can download our songs from your web site, and we don't get paid!?!?”

  4. Maybe they're gearing up for a bear hunt. Aren't those bear claws the shirtles thugh is wearing?

  5. On right, P-38 Walther (WW2 German, war surplus). Rifle is a cheap .22, maybe a Remington or Savage – can't tell.Other guy has a .45 ACP (US Army surplus or civilian) – could be some relative but that's most likely. Could be other caliber as well, The revolver is probably .44 or .45 caliber, hard to say – could be a .38 as well, but barrel hole looks like the .45. From the overall look I'd guess Smith& Wesson but it's a vague guess.Side view makes it easy to ID firearms, these angles make it tough.I'm thinking '68, getting ready for a little rumble in a Chicago park…

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