Gillian’s Found Photo #48

This week’s found photo is like a Gidget movie or Beach Boys tune come to life. It’s amazing, there really was a time like that. When all a kid had to care about was the sun, the beach, mating rituals and rock’n’roll. These days you can get shot trying to surf the wrong beach in Southern California, and you won’t find Dick Dale and his Del-Tones or Eddie & the Showmen at the Rendezvous Ballroom. Where did it all go wrong? And do you think any of these kids ended up at the Spahn Ranch a few years later?

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  1. That is really bad to say that. Things are way better now, the people now are just taking back what is rightfully theirs.This apartheid culture needs to end.Mix everyone up it works better.

  2. “.This apartheid culture needs to end.”see recent legislation passed in Arizona, you think things are getting better? I'm at a loss for words (and cant type too good w/my broken hand)….I know one thing, he had a lot more peronal freedom when I was young than in this post Patriot act police state.

  3. Howaya, this is nothing to do with this post but I’ll give it a go anyway. Just back from a gig in the Olympia in Dublin Ireland after seeing Peter Green. I know you don't have much respect for the limeys and why would you, but Peter Green you do and rightly so after seeing him tonight I can safely I agree with that. The man has a beautiful old raspy voice and can still more than play the guitar when let by the lead rhythm guitarist (& presumable band leader) who was quite patronizing towards Peter which was a bit over bearing at stages & probably would have been resolved by a shotgun to the chest as I said to my friend. Granted I know the man has his problems and & possibly needs leadership but at one stage he was getting the crowd to hand clap, so f*ck off. But all in all it was deadly & he played a few well known songs included with Bobby Charles & Albert King. But I don’t think he played any Elmore James for reasons maybe I don’t know. There was a bit of a big band blues element as I call it at some stages but when left to his own devices the man shone through & came across as a gentleman. I download the Hound podcasts for when I go to work driving trucks and can safely say without them I’d be without a job by now so thank you & goodnight.

  4. “Just back from a gig in the Olympia in Dublin Ireland after seeing Peter Green”I saw him in nyc back around '96 and he was in fairly sad shape,he had none of his tone or touch left. He didn't do Elmore because he never did, that was all Jeremy Spencer. Peter seems like a shell of his former self, I imagine he's simply out there for to make a living or out of boredom. TV's not so great in England, except the BBC4 docs which are always good. I bet if he lived here where we have 500 channels he'd have stayed home, again, unless he needs the money, which is quite possible. He spent years giving away his money and might have signed over his publishing and songwriting to some shyster, lord knows there's enough of them around to take advantage of a sad guy like Green.

  5. Hey Hound,How many Mohicans had to die so you and your pasty assed friends could dothe frug and go surfing.

  6. “Hey Hound,How many Mohicans had to die so you and your pasty assed friends could dothe frug and go surfing.”A) Mohicans lived in NY State and Quebec where there's not much surf, and B) having grown up next to a Seminole reservation I guarantee I've done more for the native population (of Florida at least) than you have. I worked there seven summers in a row, three working the cockfighting pits. So shut the fuck up before I have my hacker friends track you down and I come hunting for you. Why don't use your real name? I do…..

  7. “Aztlan La Reconquista”Not the worst idea I've heard these days, better that than Sarah Palin running things,……when your Army gets to NYC lemme know and I'll be there, armed and ready to fight.

  8. “Aztlan La Reconquista”Not the worst idea I've heard these daysYes then we will have hound tacos for everyone on our beaches

  9. I too thanks the Hound. Keep coming back to this photo, and not just for the adorable girl in the center. They're all beauties.

  10. Let's hope that's the last of the Mohicans! Hound, I suspect your tail's being tugged or your hind leg pulled. Hope your paw gets better soon.

  11. whatta you mean? I see diversity. I see some blondes, some brunettes, some with sunglasses, some without, a little kid, an older couple, one pieces and two-pieces…..

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